Material Sourcing

Material Sourcing

Yoop Sourcing can help you with consulting to fulfill any requirements related to materials and fabric.

We can source various the top quality fabrics, labels, embellishments, and trims at the best rates.

We have working relationships with many specialized vendors around the world and a thorough knowledge of the garment materials and the fabric industry.


Yoop Sourcing production management team is the ultimate brand partner, bringing you production success season after season.
We place your production according to quality, pricing and lead time requirements – managing the entire production process meticulously every step of the way.


Yoop Sourcing Faster Support Technology

Fast Turnaround: Idea to Order to Market
Customized plans to bring your apparel ideas to life in an efficient flow and process have been carefully crafted with one goal in mind – your brand’s success.

Design Centers across The
Globe Our Design Centers is Yoop Sourcing life support. They act as the pulse breathing life to the innovation team that weaves design aesthetics and technical and technological expertise into the products.

Technology manufacturing has taken powerful steps to ride the future successfully. With our investments in high tech machinery and our emphasis on efficient, repeatable flow, process and automation help our ambition to redefine Bangladesh’s apparel landscape.

Designing the Future at Yoop Sourcing, we thrive to stay ahead of global fashion trends. Our product development and design teams understand that worldwide product and consumer dynamics vary from materials to shape, purpose and function. We are in constant pursuit of innovation in product, efficient and robust systems and processes as well as in our service offerings. Our main product lines include Intimates, Performance, Sports, and Swimwear. Design aesthetics and technology are the prominent features of Yoop Sourcing’s designs.

Who you are tomorrow begins, with what you do today

We are committed to our core values of quality, sustainability, customer centricity, and honesty. We foster a mentality of sustainability that permeates our corporate culture in our endeavor to carefully balance profitable growth, integrity and caring for people as well as the environment in line with global standards guidelines.
Staying true to these ethical and social responsibility guidelines will ensure that we remain an ethically driven brand with a mission to create a positive impact on the apparel industry.