YOOP Sourcing is comprised of design and build experts. Our development and production management teams will rally and muscle together your tech packs whether the project is design-heavy or time-sensitive. We serve clients big and small on a diverse range of products. With creativity, expertise and a go-getter attitude, Team YOOP Sourcing has got your back and all ready to bring your apparel ideas to life.

Set The Goals High

Material Sourcing

YOOP Sourcing can help you with consulting to fulfill any requirements related to materials and fabric. We can source various the top quality fabrics, labels, embellishments, and trims at the best rates.
We have working relationships with many specialized vendors around the world and a thorough knowledge of the garment materials and the fabric industry.

Prototypes & Design Consultation

We can develop a product from a concept to the completion of market-ready samples. Customized to fit your needs, we get you factory production ready from sourcing the right materials and trims utilizing our vast network of suppliers, to detailed engineering of your garments specifications, through cutting and sewing of your first prototypes.

We specialize in all kind of Apparel products. Our Prototype development process is an adaptive mix of design insight and technical expertise.


YOOP Sourcing production management team is the ultimate brand partner, bringing you production success season after season. We place your production according to quality, pricing and lead time requirements – managing the entire production process meticulously every step of the way.

Custom Value Addons

Affiliated Service Partners: YOOP Sourcing works with many affiliated service partners to help clients emerge with a complete product. This includes sources for screen printing, embroidery, woven or printed labels and hangtags, dye houses, patent attorneys, and fulfillment warehouses.

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